Friday 11 August 2023


11 August 2023 – An extra cantata today next to the liturgical cycle. Bach wrote O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit, BWV 210, somewhere between 1738 and 1746. It is a cantata for a wedding, but it is not clear whose wedding it might have been. Several names and dates have been proposed by different Bach scholars, and I've picked quite randomly the wedding of Johanna Catharina Amalie Schatz and Friedrich Gottlob Zoller (11 August 1746).

This work is based on O angenehme Melodei, BWV 210a, a homage cantata he wrote in 1729 (and which you can hear on January 12th each year). The performance I've chosen is by Christopher Hogwood's Academy of Ancient Music and the truly delightful Dame Emma Kirkby as soprano.


  • O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit, BWV 210
    (first performance ? 1738, Leipzig period)