Trinitatis XXII

Sunday 17 November 2019

Trinitatis XXII or 22nd Sunday after Trinitatis

Today is Trinitatis XXII or the 22nd Sunday after Trinitas. Three Leipzig cantatas for you today, from the first three annual cantata cycles Bach wrote in that city. The third cantata, Ich armer Mensch, ich Sündenknecht, BWV 55, is Bach's only extant cantata for tenor.


  • Was soll ich aus dir machen, Ephraim, BWV 89
    (first performance 24 October 1723)
  • Mache dich, mein Geist, bereit, BWV 115
    (first performance 5 November 1724)
  • Ich armer Mensch, ich Sündenknecht, BWV 55
    (first performance 17 November 1726)

Extra information

The Netherlands Bach Society website (in Dutch) has more information and a performance of BWV 55: