Ratswechsel 1727

Bach Cantata Day Information:
Ratswechsel 1727

Occurs every August 25th. Not a liturgical day.


Music for this day

  • Ihr Tore zu Zion, BWV 193
    (first performance 25 August 1727?, Leipzig period)

In Bach's Leipzig, on the Monday after the feast of St. Bartholomew (August 24), the newly elected town council for that year was inaugurated (this is called Ratswechsel in German). This festive occasion called for a cantata, and Bach has written many of which only five are left.

The cantata for this day is the one he wrote for Ratswechsel 1727, first performed on August 25th of that year.
This cantata was not fully intact, as the parts for tenor, bass, basso continuo and other instruments (probably trumpets and timpani, maybe also flutes) for all of the music are missing. A reconstruction was first done by Helmut Rilling in 1983, and subsequently in 1999 by Ton Koopman, which is the recording I have selected.